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Animated CGI Robot Hair Dynamics18/08/2011

Animated CGI Robot Hair

After making some progress on my animated robot recently (See my portfolio for progress updates) I decided to experiment with giving the robot some hair.

As she's a robot I wanted something mechanical rather than natural and after toying with a few ideas I decided to have a go at producing this animation.

The successful animation was simulated using dynamics in cinema 4D, however, once added to the robot, I wasn't happy. The hair completely changes the image of the robot so I've decided not to use it. Nonetheless I thought this animation was pretty cool and worth sharing.

3D Frog Walk Cycle Animation06/08/2011

Finally the 3D Frog Animation is Ready for Preview

I've been tucked away in my design studio for the past several weeks both working on my new online freelance designer portfolio as well as working on this animation of a 3D frog.

The CGI frog started life as a freelance project but the client asked for the frog to take a cartoon direction. Once I'd finished the freelance project I revisited the frog to produce something a little more realistic.

Hope you like it.

Animated 3D CGI Dice07/03/2011

Animated 3D Dice

I've been working on a freelance design project that really got me excited. I can't share much with you all as I'm bound by the terms of the non-disclose agreement. Anyway, whilst discussing the freelance project with my client we stumbled upon the possibility of animating some dice in 3D / CG.

I realise that the dots on the dice aren't correct but this was produced as a simple concept design. Hope you like it.

animated 3D snail with camera projection30/08/2010

Cinema 4D Camera Mapping 3D Animation

This animated 3D snail is ongoing 3D animation project of mine. Much of the animation has already been produced however a spanner has today been thrown into the works.

Today I completed a tutorial over greyscalegorilla (thanks Gorilla) that demonstrates how to use a camera projection in Cinema 4D to project textures into the scene.

With a little tweaking of the global illumination I dropped the snail into the scene and produced this animation.

Whilst there are still problems with this I don't think it's bad for a first attempt and is the first time I've felt like I'm making real progress towards my ambitions in 3D CGI Motion Graphics and Visual Effects.

The problem now is that all of the animation already produced has been rendered obsolete as I'm now going to have to go back and produce the entire animation using camera projected textures.

Mograph and Dynamics Test Animation08/06/2010

Animating with Mograph

Whilst designing the new website i came across some old experimental animations that I had produced whilst playing with the Mograph tool in Cinema 4D.

I have added a selection of the animations to my freelance design portfolio and have been grouped together under the title 'Animating with Mograph'.

3D CGI stuffed tortoise design24/11/2009

3D CGI Stuffed Tortoise Art/Design?

At present I'm balancing freelance 3D Design projects on each of my toes but have still found some time between freelance animation projects to indulge in some 3D Artworks of my own.

This 3D/CGI Tortoise Design is taken from one that is nearing completion... ish.

3D Snail Intro Animation19/11/2009

Snail Sneak Preview Animation

I keep wanting to call him Sammy the Snail but feel I need to come up with something more original?

Anyway, I digress, following my previous blog entry I thought I ought to upload some footage of the CGI animation that I've been working on.

Yes, I know the sound effects are rubbish but you have to bare in mind that this is a work in progress.

I hope you like the 3D animation.

3D Snail Animation11/11/2009

Teaser Illustration for my 3D / CGI Snail Animation

I've turned my attentions back to a 3D animation that I started some time ago. I've been meaning to come back to my Snail animation and make some improvements ever since the first production was finished. This 3D illustration is just a small teaser to let people know what I'm up to and hopefully help me to generate some more freelance 3D animation work.

Visit my 3D animation portfolio to see how the project is progressing.

Animated 3D Robot (3)11/09/2009

Asimov Mk13 - A Personal 3D Animation Project

Of all the personal 3D CGI animation projects I currently have in development, perhaps it is this animated 3D robot that I have the highest hopes for.

Whilst it is certainly fun and challenging producing animations that convey some sort of emotion with inanimate objects, undoubtedly we connect more with the human form.

The attached design is taken from the 3D robot animation and is, I feel, a vast improvement on previous versions. Hopefully one day soon the 3D animation will be complete.

3D Cgi Book Cover Glass Slipper11/08/2009

Book Cover 3D Design / Illustration

This particular Book cover was designed using Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop for the book "What if your prince falls off his horse - A married woman's primer on financial planning".

The client for this project gave lots of creative input during the development stages which made production far easier.

This and other 3D designs and illustrations created as CGI book covers can be seen in my portfolio.

3D Lego Tie Fighter Art09/07/2009

3D Illustration of a CGI Lego Tie-Fighter

This Lego Tie Fighter was designed and illustrated as a personal 3D project rather than as a freelance project.

I produced this 3D model by modeling each of the individual Lego components separately in the 3D application and then piecing them together to create the final 3D artwork.

The Lego website has very useful instructions for building their Lego models, I found these invaluable when producing these 3D illustrations.

3D tool Design09/06/2009

3D Design of Power Tool

This 3D power tool illustration was created as part of a freelance 3D Design project.

The client provided a 2D blueprint and asked for a to scale 3D visualisation to be designed.

The 3D image was then rendered in various formats to show different design ideas.

3D Snail Animated09/05/2009

3D Snail Design

This 3D Snail was designed using 3D software Maxon Cinema 4D and 3D Studio max. The CGI artwork was created as part of an assignment that I was asked to complete during my time as a student in Llandrillo College, rather than a freelance CGI project. With thanks to this animation I hold the record for being the only student ever to have received a grade of '100%' for a single piece of work on the HND in computing.

Cinema 4D 3D Vase09/04/2009

3D CGI Vase Rendered Art

This 3D vase was created as a personal project rather than as a freelance 3D design project in an attempt to learn how to use a new 3D software package.

It was created following another artists impression in a 3D fluff training tutorial.

Experimental 3D Hair Animation13/07/2007

Animating Hair in 3D

This morning I had a play with some of the hair tools in Cinema 4D. These have been uploaded to my portfolio and grouped together under the title 'Animating hair in 3D'.

I'm afraid there is no story line, just an design experiment.

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