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Welcome to my freelance 3D design portfolio, a place where you can browse through my 3D art, obtain quotes for freelance 3D Design and 3D Motion Graphics projects, and where existing customers can keep track of progress. Looking through my online 3D Design and Animation portfolio, you will find examples of my freelance work in areas such as CGI, 3D, 2D, Animation, Motion Graphics, Art, Illustration, Design and VFX

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3D Design/Animation Production

During the production of your project you are encouraged to provide as much creative input as possible. Whilst this is not essential, it will expedite the realization of your ambitions and assist in bringing your creative vision to life.

To facilitate this you will be sent regular CG images or animations (depending on the freelance project type) seeking your approval and feedback at regular intervals especially during the initial stages of development.

Early on in production this might take the form of sample images found on the internet. Not only does this provide you, the freelance client, a tremendous amount of creative input early on in the project, but is also a cost effective way of working and enables provision of highly competitive freelance design and animation rates.

The online freelance portfolio provides all the tools necessary to monitor the progress of your freelance 3D design or 3D animation project.

With a freelance client account you can log in and create or edit freelance projects.

Each Freelance 3D Design or Animation project consists of:

A project brief, specified by you the freelance client.

A design interpretation of that brief of as a Freelance 3D Designer / Freelance 3D animator.

Contracts between the freelance client and freelance designer / animator. These might take the form, for example, of non-disclosure agreements, project deliverables or timescales etc. These can all be printed directly from the online freelance portfolio or downloaded as pdf files.

An interactive and collaborative (between the freelance client and freelance designer / freelance animator) project plan specifying interim milestones and overall deadlines showing the current progress of the freelance 3D design / freelance 3D animation project.

From start to finish you are given control over your freelance project and will have every opportunity to approve/disapprove sample CG images or animations.

You can add, view, edit and receive comments on 3D Art or Animations across the website as well as gain access to your own personalised inbox and freelance client profile.

All artworks produced for freelance projects are interactive and include bespoke tools to allow you to modify the designs and provide creative direction. If freelance customers are not happy with a particular CG image but find it hard to explain the required changes, tools within the online design portfolio allow for explanations by enabling freelance clients to draw directly onto the images in question without having to leave the website or install additional software.

Any drawings made by freelance clients will be saved with the CG image. These drawings will then be interpreted into the finished 3D renderings or animations.

Tools are provided for making payments and tracking quotes, invoices and previous payments made. More information about payment can be found on the freelance quotes page.

Finally, all freelance customers have access to download finished 3D design, illustrations, art, animations and motion graphics at the click of a button.

This online freelance 3D design and animation portfolio has all of the tools needed to ensure your creative ideas become a reality.

Freelance Design Costs

To ensure that the specific needs of your individual freelance design project are satisfied, costs for all Freelance 3D Motion Graphics and Design projects are determined on a per project basis and are specifically tailored to that individual project.

There are no charges for obtaining a freelance quote and by doing so you are free from agreement or contract. However, by submitting a freelance quote request via my website, my consent of non-disclosure is automatically given. Your ideas are automatically protected from theft.

Where possible, freelance quotes are provided with a range of options to select from, ensuring that both your creative and financial needs are satisfied. You choose the options that best fit your budget.

Once a quote has been agreed, payment is made via separate installments. These consist of a small deposit before commencement of project development, interim payments as project milestones are met (These will be agreed at the project onset), and a final payment once all 3D design, animation and production stages are complete and before release of the finished high resolution animations or 3D graphics.

For your piece of mind all payments are made via PayPal as this ensures that any payments you make are protected. If you're not completely satisfied, PayPal will act on your behalf to reimburse your costs. And what's more, I'll even fund your protection myself at no extra cost to you.

As a freelance customer you will be given an online account where you can monitor all of your freelance design quotes, invoices and payments.

To obtain a 3D design, animation, illustration, art, print, graphic, motion graphics or visual effects quote now, please visit my online freelance quotes page.


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