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Making the nVIDIA logo using Adobe Photoshop CS2

Thanks to Jason at for the original nVIDIA tutorial.

In this tutorial you are going to make a recreation of the nVIDIA logo using Adobe Photoshop CS2


Open Phtoshop CS2 and create a new document that is 800 x 800 pixels


In the “Tools” Palette, click on the curved arrow to swap the black and white colours around. This will enable the next object you draw to have a black line and a white fill.


In the “Tools” Palette, click on the line tool


Adjust the tool options as appropriate


Then draw a line from corner to corner


Double click on the shape layer and rename it to “Line”.


Then click on the “Create a new layer” button to make a new layer.

 Rename the new layer to “Outer Circle”.


Select the “Ellipse” Tool


The line we drew a moment ago will not be visible in our finished logo. The only reason we have created it is to help us line up the different circles we will be drawing. Position your cursor as shown in the image below.


Then start to draw an Ellipse. To make sure you get a perfect circle you can hold down the shift key. When you have a circle similar to the one below, let go of the mouse button.



Now click on the “Blending Options Button” and choose “Drop Shadow”


Change the options as shown below, don’t click on OK yet.


Then click on “Inner Shadow” and change the options accordingly, don’t click on OK yet.


Then turn on the gradient overlay and change the setting accordingly. Make sure that Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow and gradient overlay are all switched on before clicking OK.


Your circle should now look like this.


Create another new layer and name it “Black Circle”.


Click on the “Ellipse” Tool in the “Tools” Palette. Then move your cursor to about here.


Hold down the shift key again to draw a perfect circle that fits neatly inside your original circle.


If your new circle isn’t solid black, double click on the “Blending options” button and turn off the drop shadow, inner shadow and gradient overlay.


Create another new layer and name it “Inner Circle”


Drag the “Line” Layer so that it is just below our new layer.


Select the “Inner Circle” layer and then draw a circle between these two points



This should give you a new circle in the centre similar to this one but it will be solid black in colour.


With the “Inner Circle” Layer selected, click on the “Blending Options” Button and choose Gradient Overlay.


Change the options accordingly, but don’t click on OK yet.


Click on the Gradient option.



Double click on the left colour handle.

Type in the colour code # 7f808f and click OK


Click OK to any remaining boxes you have open.


Holding down the Ctrl key, click on the picture of the circle in the “Black Circle” layer to select it.


You should be able to see a faint selection as shown by the dotted line in the image above.

Select the “Polygonal Lasso Tool”


Then holding down the Alt key, Select the area as shown in the dotted line below.


Note that holding down the Alt key actually de-selects an area. So again, holding down the Alt key, do the same for the other side.


Select the “Elliptical marquee” tool



And holding down the Alt key, deselect the inner circle. You should be left with a selection as highlighted in red in the image below.


Create a new layer and call it highlight


Select the paint bucket tool


Swap the black and white colours around again


And then click inside one of your selected areas to colour them in white.


In the main menu click on “Select” > “Deselect”

In the main menu click on “Filter” > “Blur” > “Gaussian Blur”

Change the radius to 8.0 and click on OK.

This will feather the edges of your new highlights


Turn the Layer opacity down to 20% to give yourself a faint highlight.


That’s the background for the logo finished. Now we just need to add the text. Open the image nvidia_logo.jpg. We are going to position this in the middle of our logo. However, the image has a white background that we need to remove first. Click on the “Magic Eraser” Tool


And click on all of the white areas of the image to rub out the background.

Remember to click inside the letter D, and inside the white parts of the main logo.


Right click on the layer name and choose “Duplicate layer”. Give the new layer a meaningful name such as “greenLogo”. Before clicking on OK, change the destination document. Choose the logo you were working on earlier.


Switch back to your own logo and it should now look something like this:


In the main menu click on “Edit” > “Free Transform”

Position the logo in the centre of your page and use the corner handles to resize the logo. You can use the shift key when re-sizing to maintain the proportions.


Click on the tick icon in the “Tool Options” palette to apply the transformation.

Finally, we now need to add our own text. The text we want to create is in a circular shape so we need to create a path for our text to follow.


Select the Ellipse tool


In the “Tool Options” Palette, switch to Path mode.



Draw a circle that fits near the inner side of black circle as shown by the red line in the image below.


Select the “Horizontal Type” Tool


Choose a font size of about 48

Then move your cursor over towards your newly created path. When you place your cursor over the path, your cursor should change slightly. When this happens click on the left mouse button and begin typing “nVIDIA logo by your name”

To position the text in the correct place just the space bar and backspace keys.

If you find that your text is overlapping the circles you can resize the path by using the “Free transform path” tool in the “Edit” menu.

Your image should look something like this


Hide the “Line” layer by clicking on the picture of the eye.


And then save your work because you’ve finished. Give yourself a pat on the back and go and get a cup of tea

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